Time Is Not On My Side

I feel time slipping through my fingers. I have always had this irritating ability to be able to glimpse into the future. It’s the one thing that has followed me since my elementary days; I know life is short. I’ve … Continue reading


The Secret To Marriage (Hint: It’s Pretty Gross!)

What is the secret to marriage? I posed that question to Google, and it gave me approximately 152,000,000 results, and since I don’t have time for that nonsense; I decided to look a little closer to home. To answer this question, … Continue reading


I Could Never (Ever) Be A Stay-At-Home Mom: But I Am

Image: © 2014, S.L.B-C I used to work. Nope, scratch that, I still work (it’s just not in an office anymore, but more on that later). What I mean is, I used to have a typical 7:30am-4pm J-O-B, the kind … Continue reading

Eka Pāda Rājakapotāsana, or King Pigeon--which is obviously modified due to special circumstances. Couldn't forget some poses with the kiddo!

Yoga100 Complete: Onward and Upward

Well, here it is. I finally made it! What started as a 30 day non-challenge-challenge to get back into my practice and start using the body God gave me, has evolved into so much more than I ever thought possible. … Continue reading


Why Turning 30 Doesn’t Have To Suck

*Warning: This post is Rated PG13 for containing colorful language, and may not be suitable for people who do not have a sense of humor. If this offends you, please read no further, I promise it won’t hurt my feelings* Let’s … Continue reading

And of course our night time view..definitely my favorite.

Bucket List: The Grotta Palazzese, need I say more?

I am sure by now most of you have seen the famous picture of the Grotta Palazzese restaurant floating around Facebook with its ocean views, turquoise water, and dining area inside the caves. If not, let me remind you by … Continue reading