With Love from Italy

Ok–So I am going to finally start this thing. I have had the page up since October and haven’t written a damn thing due to–oh I don’t know, the copious amounts of energy it took to move out of our house, temporarily stay with friends and family for almost two months, and then travel half way across the world (the day after Christmas mind you) to get to our new home for the next three years. It has been a hectic three months to say the least.

After not having a job for over two months now, I have lost all sense of time. Every day is a repetitive cycle of waking up and taking care of the baby. I have applied for two jobs, which I doubt I am barely even qualified for, but figured, “Hey! Why not?” because I literally have nothing to lose. I can’t work in the same area of expertise as my last job because that job just doesn’t exist here for me. I miss it–I hate that I honed a certain skill set for three years, and now for the next three years God only knows what I will be doing. I remember when I was active duty, I would joke about how although I enlisted in the Navy to be an Operations Specialist, I really never did that job after the training, it was always something else. That’s why I had to study my butt off for the exams to make rank because I always worked “out of rate”. So, in my naval career I was a “hybrid sailor”–and really it just speaks volumes as to the theme of my life. As a military spouse you are a hybrid species…learning to adapt and change wherever you go. Many people will say this is an awesome, if not enviable quality—but those many people also take continuity, stability, and their own professional careers for granted. It’s not as exciting as it sounds, trust me.

Maybe I am just being disgruntled for the time being–after all, I have been cooped up in the house for the last four days because its been raining everyday and our car still isn’t here from the states. To that I say boo.

On a lighter, less depressing note–I enrolled in the Lactation Educator Counseling training course through UC San Diego. It’s self paced, thank God, and is only two months long. So far, when I get an opportunity to work on it, I love it! But those opportunities are hard to come by when you’ve got an 11 month old running around the house trying to eat poo from the litter box, or sticking her fingers in the electrical socket–or my all time favorite–putting my MacBook charger in her mouth. Have you ever seen a baby play ‘cat and mouse’ with the house cat? Where the baby is the cat, and the cat is the mouse? Thank God she is declawed—the cat too!

The joys of parenthood…sigh.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “With Love from Italy

  1. YAyyyyyyy!!! Keep it up! I LOVE reading blogs of people I know! i will be your biggest fan! I sit in front of a computer, and am on hold A LOT, so I blog surf to keep from getting bored! YESS!!! and stories from Italy! Oh my!!! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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