In Photos: A Day in the Life of Mommyhood

Just what do we do all day? Sometimes, pictures say a thousand words, and because I could literally type ten thousand words for any given day…I will spare you (this time!) and share a photo montage with you instead. Enjoy! … Continue reading

Three Days Olivia

She was laughing. Actually, she was in a fit of giggling. The kind of giggling that would make even the hardest of hearts smile. Spinning, spinning, spinning…enamored by watching the skirt of her dress ebb and flow as she spun … Continue reading

Coming of Age: A tale of an awkward first kiss…

As I am fast approaching the big 3-0, without my consent, my mind has started subconsciously reminiscing over the last 29 years of my life in the form of incredibly vivid (and embarrassing) dreams. This morning, I woke up feeling … Continue reading

When in Rome…A Papal Blessing

So, here it is, we’ve finally made it to the last chapter and the most important day of the Rome trip. It’s been a long journey, hasn’t it folks? Thanks for riding it out with me. Let us resume… Wednesday … Continue reading

When in Rome…Part III

It’s a little after 10p.m. over here, the house is silent with the exception of the humming of the baby monitor, and the television lowered in the background. My husband is fast asleep next to me, and I am waiting … Continue reading

When in Rome…Part II

Alright, now that I have had a break from part one, and the baby is laying down for a morning nap (and I am enjoying a much-needed cup of coffee), let’s get back to business. As you recall, we spent … Continue reading