Breastfeeding: 3 Tips for Buying a Quality Breast Pump and NOT Breaking the Bank

(Image Credit: © Keerati | It almost goes without saying here that you get what you pay for, and buying a breast pump is no exception to the rule. Quality is everything when it comes to a breast pump. When I was … Continue reading

The SAHM Chronicles: Coffee and chocolate…some yoga too!

I want to start this post with something funny and witty, but for the life of me I cannot muster up the energy to do so. I am exhausted! It all started last night… Sadie had fallen asleep nursing a little … Continue reading

In Fifty: A Bedtime Story

I stare at the line of light across the comforter. She clings to me, arm across my chest, suckling, suckling, suckling…pause. Now is the time. Woof! The damn dog barks. She stirs. Where is the white noise when I need it? Suckling, suckling, suckling…long pause…I … Continue reading