The SAHM Chronicles: Coffee and chocolate…some yoga too!

I want to start this post with something funny and witty, but for the life of me I cannot muster up the energy to do so. I am exhausted! It all started last night…

Sadie had fallen asleep nursing a little after 9 p.m. We are a bed sharing family at this point, so I took Sadie to our bed while the hubby shut everything down for the night. We lay there waiting for him, Sadie was back to dream nursing and I was ready to be dreaming with her. Hubby finally made it to the room and lay down with us, and as usual he leaned over giving me a kiss, and then laid a big smooch on Sadie’s cheek too. Well, that must have awoken her spirits because from that point on it was an eyes open, mouth talking, arm slapping full on baby circus!

I took her out to the living room so her dad could get some rest, after all, he is the one who has to wake up before 6 a.m. We sat on the couch and watched some television. Normally, I can get her to fall back asleep within thirty to forty-five minutes. Not last night. Oh no, no, no, no….miss Sadie wanted to play, watch t.v., sit on my lap, and blankly stare at me till midnight! After two episodes of Revenge (hey, I needed to catch up ok!), I made a judgement call and took her back to bed and thankfully she fell asleep for the night.

Fast forward through two nursing night wake-ups and six hours and thirty-two minutes later, she is up again. Her Dad had just come in to get some socks from the dresser, and yup, you guessed it, that brief little moment had stirred her enough to wake up. Sigh…

Normally miss thang sleeps till 8:30-9 a.m. For the last nine previous days I have been waking up at or around seven to do a morning yoga session before she wakes up. I am kind of doing a thirty days of yoga non-challenge-challenge (yeah, you read that right). It’s a non-challenge-challenge because I didn’t wake up ten days ago and say “Ok, today I am gonna start 30 days of yoga”. It was more like “Ok, today I am gonna do yoga”, and then the next day I said the same thing, all the way until day five when I realized that hey, maybe I can do this thing for thirty days. So, when we went to bed at midnight I was hoping I would still be able to wake up at seven and get my yoga on for day 10.

Yeah…not so much.

We got out of bed and walked into the living room to her fathers surprise. I think he could tell by my facial expression that I was not too pleased that we both were awake so early. It wasn’t that I was still really tired, I mean I was, but I am used to that, I can deal with sleepiness–I was just irritated that my early morning yoga session was most definitely not going to happen. Which meant I could only hope it would happen at some point in the day during one of her naps.

I’ve really grown fond of this time with just me, my mat, and my friendly apple TV that lets me play whatever YouTube yoga video I want. So much of my day (and night), is devoted to my dearest daughter that I often forget to take care of myself. I mean, these days, I am lucky if I can take a shower by myself, and to actually clean my entire body before the hot water goes out! Going pee by myself is also a luxury I no longer have, and also, I don’t remember the last time I plucked my eyebrows, I mean seriously…I am going to have freaking uni-brow soon!

So…like I said..this time with my mat has been really special to me, maybe even slightly liberating. I don’t even set out to do it for a specific time. Twenty minutes, thirty minutes, or over an hour, whatever I can get really. As long as I get it, I’ve accomplished my goal for the day. But anyways…I digress…

She finally went down for a nap at eight, but guess what, SO DID I! That’s right, my exhausted butt fell asleep nursing her to sleep. Which doesn’t happen very often these days considering I have learned to use her nap times wisely (how do you think I am even capable of writing this right now). Next thing I know it is 9:30a.m. and a whole hour and a half has gone wasted, nope, no yoga this nap time. I creep out of bed because she is still asleep, and by creep, I mean I am as silent as possible, but my humongous comfortable mattress squeaks and creaks as I ninja myself off of the bed (and I wanted the super tall mattress 5 years ago, pfft..such a non-parent move).

I decide I need to take a shower, and luckily I do it with enough speed that I successful clean my whole body and beat my water heater from going out on me. A little note on the water heater- everyday a hot shower is a battle with that thing. Since moving to Italy, it goes out on us at least once a day, but most of the time it’s twice a day and there is a 75% chance it will go out while I am taking a shower (it’s not biased, it does it to my husband too).

By the time I am out of the shower I decide that all I really want is some coffee. Not just coffee…but some strong Neapolitan espresso, and what do you know? I own some of that! Then, my eye catches the Milka chocolate bars hanging out on my kitchen counter. Those damn Milka chocolate bars are going to be the death of me because I just can’t seem to leave the grocery store without one (ok, two). I sporadically nibble on them throughout the week, and I don’t feel guilty about it dammit! I am a self-professed chocolate addict, and Italy has fueled that addiction even more because it allows me access to chocolatey goodness that we just don’t see on the reg in the states. So, needless to say, with the night and morning I’ve had, I broke me off a piece of chocolate and guiltlessly let it melt in my mouth. Mmmm…..

And then…I heard baby talk on the monitor. She was calling my name (not really, it sounded more like “au-ju”)

Sigh…my bliss was short lived…

But the stinker woke up with the cutest bed-head that I just couldn’t be too upset about it.


Look at that mug…I just can’t complain about anything when I see her smiling at me like that.

Baby on hip and coffee in hand we took to our post in the living room and you know what I did? I put on more episodes of Revenge ( I told you I was behind). I tried to start this post, and I did for the most part, but then this happened:

When this happens, it means baby wants to be on moms lap. This especially happens when mom is typing on her laptop.

When this happens, it means baby wants to be on moms lap. This especially happens when mom is typing on her laptop.

A few of hours later, after snack time and me finally doing the dishes, she was doing the thing that babies do when they don’t get enough sleep at night. Cry at and for everything. I put her down on the ground to play with her toys, she cries. Her toys look at her the wrong way, she cries. I am too slow in picking her back up, she cries. I know you other moms know what I am talking about here…there is just no making them happy when they are in that kind of mood. So…maybe she wants another nap? Bingo…only up for three hours since her last one and it was time to repeat the nap process. Not that I was complaining or anything.

I took her to bed and within thirty minutes she was out like a light. Woowhoo! You know what happened next? YOGA TIME baby! I can’t tell you how relieved I was to finally have this time to myself. I got a solid forty minute session in with some post yoga stretching on my own. Day 10 complete, and look at me, I am even able to finish this post up. Mission accomplished people…mission accomplished.


Just another day in the life of a SAHM….

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