5 Things Boot Camp and Motherhood Have In Common

(Image Credit: © Brenda Young | Dreamstime.com) Since I have had my daughter, there have been many moments and situations where I have found myself reflecting on my time in boot camp. Some of the situations I encountered are so relevant to motherhood … Continue reading

What Do You Mean, You Don’t Love Your Baby?

(Image Credit: © Sebastian Czapnik | Dreamstime.com) “I don’t love my baby”, she said to me nonchalantly and with such a straight face that I laughed because I thought she was joking. Still laughing, I asked, “You’re joking, right?” and then I saw … Continue reading

To the Women Who Aren’t “Mothers” on Mother’s Day

(Image Credit: © Ileanaolaru | Dreamstime.com) As a first time mother who had complications conceiving, I know all too well the sting that Mother’s Day can have for the many women out there who are on the trying-to-conceive emotional rollercoaster. The week leading … Continue reading