Yoga100: Staying Motivated

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Alright, so here we are on Day 53, and I have officially crossed the line of ‘Half-way there’ (and then some!). I don’t know what will happen the next 47 days, but I can share with you what has already happened and how I personally got through it.

Learning to be flexible (not just physically)…

First, let me just tell you that most days are pretty easy-breezy. It is like anything else in life, we fall into a routine until something comes along to shake it up. In my first 30 days (my original yoga30 non-challenge-challenge), my challenge was learning to be flexible with my time. As a stay at home mom, a number of challenges can be thrown at you each day, and one of those is that your childs’ routine may vary from day-to-day when they are young because they are busy doing what little kids are supposed to be doing; growing!

That means they may decide to wake up earlier/later than usual, they may not want to take a nap at their usual time, they may just be all around in a crabby mood that day and not want to be put down longer than five-minutes. Yes, those days happened and still do–and I had to learn to be flexible with my time and realize that not all was lost if I didn’t get my yoga practice in first thing in the morning. I have done my practice with my little tot crawling all over me (and I do this with a smile), I have done it while she was eating in her high chair, and, after a long day, I have done it in the evening after she’s gone to bed and I’d rather be doing the same.

So, if you too are doing this challenge, remember: always be flexible with your time. 

When you’re sick and just not feeling it…

Push through!!! On day 43 I started to feel that familiar scratch in your throat when you are about to get sick. I forgot about it until I woke up on Day 44 with a full-blown sore throat, stuffy nose and sinus headache–ugh! Which, I am still getting over by the way. I got out of bed, body aching, and went scrounging through my pantry for some Honey Lemon tea, and decided that on this day, Day 44, I would be taking naps with the baby when she slept because if there is one thing I know about being sick, it is that if you don’t rest, it takes longer to go away. I would make that same decision for the next two days.

But when would I do my yoga?? you may be wondering. Well, let me tell you that if there was ever a time in this challenge that I would have justified skipping a day(s), it would have been day’s 43-46, but especially day 44. If you have ever done yoga before, imagine standing there in a forward fold, with a sinus headache AND congestion, and tell me if you might consider skipping a day? Oh yes…I considered it alright. Then I mentally slapped myself and said “Get over it Stephanie!”. I did not come this far to let a stupid cold get in my way.

So for those of you wondering what kind of yoga I did on those days, here is what I did: I googled “Yoga poses for when you are sick” and found some pretty easy and relaxing poses from Yoga Journal. Then, I went to my favorite YouTube yoga channel, YogaWithAdrienne, and found her episode ‘Yoga For When You Are Sick’. I love Adrienne’s channel because she says things like “Do what feels good” and “Find the yummy!”, and at some point I am guaranteed a laugh because she is totally herself in her videos and not some yoga instructor Goddess that you are intimidated by, though she is a yoga goddess in her own right! If you want a good laugh, check out her instructional episode ‘Wind-Relieving Pose’).

The traveling Yogi…

This last Memorial Day weekend we travelled three and a half hours away for a mini-vacay. It was also my first trip since starting this yoga challenge. Of course, my mat was part of my luggage this time (as if I don’t bring enough with me already), and I dutifully pulled it out on the first night in our hotel after having just consumed a three course meal.

Don't mind the stuff on the right..that's just baby toys...

Pay no mind to the stuff on the right..that’s just baby toys and exposed wires.

Ok, so I will admit that I wasn’t exactly excited about doing my yoga that first night. We had a long day of stressful last-minute packing and leaving late, then the long drive, and finally a delicious meal. Needless to say, I was ready for bed….but not before getting some yoga in of course. I learned my lesson the next day and did my yoga first thing in the morning while the kiddo and her Daddy were fast asleep. There was no TV so I just did my yoga from memory, which is pretty nice in the early morning actually.

Moving forward…

Well, like I said in the beginning, I have no idea what this next 47 days will bring, but I know that I will be better equipped to handle whatever challenges come my way. Considering I will be in Sicily all next week, I know I am bound to come across some more.

For those of you on this journey with me, I just want you to remember that this challenge isn’t about how long you do it, but rather, the point is that you just do it at all. Some days, like when you are sick, you may only do 15-20 minutes, and that is totally ok!! don’t beat yourself up about it. Yoga isn’t about time, it’s about nurturing your body, your mind, and your heart. There is no time limit on that, so erase that from your minds and just focus on you, yes you!

Until next time my friends, keep on keeping on and I will see you on the other side of this journey!


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