La Ceramica VBC– A Must Stop During Your Italy Duty Tour!


I normally use my blog for matters of the heart, but I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to write about my experience at the famed La Ceramica VBC–– the ceramics store my military friends have been telling me I must go to before we finish our tour here in Naples. I’ve been seeing them post their fancy ceramic loot all over my Facebook feed for months now, so I added it to my bucket list and convinced the hubby that we stop there on our way back from Venice this week. I’ve been so excited for this trip that I guess it maybe did become a matter of the heart!


So what is this place exactly? Well, La Ceramica VBC is situated in the quaint town of Nove, Italy— and they produce gorgeous ceramic dinner/serving ware, and home decor for some of the worlds most notable brands out there. Think Tiffany & Co., Lenox, Williams-Sonoma, and Banana Republic, just to name a few. All of it is handmade right at their store and then boxed up and shipped off. They also happen to have a store, where you can buy all of the items they make for these fancy brands at a fraction of the price they retail at.


Now, when I say “fraction of the price”, I truly mean it. I’m going to share with you the items that I purchased, how much I paid for them, and how much they retail for under their branded names. If you don’t have to pick your jaw up from the floor when you’re done reading this, I will be surprised.

My Loot:

Brand & Style: Arte Italica, Merletto Collection

Six Dinner Plates, 8 euro each at VBC, retail price, $45 ea.

Six Salad Plates, 6 euro each at VBC, retail price, $41 ea.

Six Pasta Dishes, 8 euro each at VBC, retail price, $52 ea.

Serving Bowl, 18 euro at VBC, retail price, $88

Serving Platter, 15 euro at VBC, retail price, $160

Serving Pasta Bowl, 16 euro at VBC, retail price, $88

(The Pitcher cost 40 euros and I am not sure what it retails for)

Add a 10% discount in there for paying in cash and when it was all said and done, I paid a whopping 163 euros for $1200 worth of goods. CRAZY, right?!


Anyways, I highly encourage everyone to check La Ceramica VBC out while you are stationed in Italy (or visiting here). We road tripped from Naples to Venice and stopped there on our way home (it was only an hour from Venice). If you are headed straight there by car, it’s about 7 hours away— so plan to stay there overnight (oh shucks, right?). Oh, and bring cash— you don’t want to miss out on that 10% discount, trust me! I would recommend 2-300 euros depending on what you are after. Good luck!



6 thoughts on “La Ceramica VBC– A Must Stop During Your Italy Duty Tour!

  1. Wow! Sadly we have run out of time here. Do you know of anyone going in the next month? I would live one of those pitchers. Erin McGee

  2. It was my first girls trip and it was a blast. I have the pitcher with the sunflowers, I also have a place setting of 8, with matching serving bowls and platters and then a few other odds and ends that I fell in love with. Its a great 4 day weekend trip. we visited the town Bassano Di Grappa (SP) about 15 min away, the two hillside castle towns and also took a tour of Venciza (SP) and all the museums are free to active duty military. The theater was amazing.

    • I wish we could have spent more time in that area–the countryside alone was gorgeous! I also wish I could have gotten the Sunflower pitcher, it was my favorite, but the hubby preferred the Italian landscape one more and since he let me choose the dinnerware, I acquiesced 🙂

  3. Is there any way to buy any of this and get it shipped to the states? I’ve been searching literally for MONTHS. My wife had the blue sunflower mosaic coffee/tea mug and one of our children broke it. It’s been a pretty large tragedy in our household…

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