Baby Daybook - Breastfeeding & Care Tracker Descriptions

Thousands of happy Moms and Dads use this app daily to track and log breastfeeding, diapers, sleeping and sync baby's data in real-time! SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE Start and Stop breastfeeding session with one tap from the app or notification widget! Write a note for any activity (baby spit up the milk while nursing, was crying during sleep, enjoyed first bath, etc.). Dark interface will not disturb your newborn during night feeding. REAL-TIME SYNC Instantly synchronize baby's breastfeeding, diapers, sleeping or other activity with your partner or multiple caregivers, like grandma or nanny, for FREE! Use your Google or Facebook account to sign in and start sharing your baby's progress. No limits or hidden fees! DAILY SUMMARY See each day's breastfeeding duration for each side, total volume of bottles and all counts for other activities. Easily compare different days and filter daily activities. STICKY NOTIFICATION WIDGETS Manage activities from anywhere on your device, including the lock screen. REMINDERS Never miss the next breastfeeding or when it's time to check baby's diapers. GROWTH TRACKING Track baby's weight, height, head size and compare progress against World Health Organization (WHO) averages in percentiles charts (Birth to 5 years). Adjust growth chart for premature baby. MULTIPLE BABIES Take care of as many babies as you like with unlimited number of baby profiles - very useful for babysitters. Switch baby profiles with a single tap! VARIOUS ACTIVITY TYPES Track breastfeeding, breast pump, bottle (formula), drink, solid food, diaper, potty, sleeping, bath, medicine and more. HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE Set different app color for each baby. Manage visible activity icons and change their order as you like for each baby. STATISTICS Baby Daybook lets you see feeding trends on friendly charts. Understand child's progress better by customizing charts using different filters. Share charts with your friends or child's pediatrician. TIMELINE Understand your newborn's activity patterns better across multiple days. Filter timeline view by selecting desired activities. DATA EXPORT Export your baby's log to a printable file format. BACKUP & RESTORE Never lose your tracking log with automatic backups. ★ Support ★ We provide email support for any questions you have. Please don't leave a low rating before contacting us. ★ Facebook ★ Follow latest news: ★ Forum ★ Join app community: