Baldi's Basics in Education School Descriptions

Five nights will be a real horror if you do not know Baldi's basics! Welcome to the primary school, where you have to learn everything about education and learning, learn Baldi's basics and solve a lot of mathematical tasks. Many people think that mathematics is horror, and Freddy says that solving without a calculator is very difficult. Go through all the offices, find all the notebook and solve the problems. This may not be as easy as it seems. Perhaps some of the tasks will not be solved, a friend of Freddy will not help and you yourself have to cope with all the difficulties on the way. The only way to escape and live longer than five nights is to try not to be mistaken, so as not to anger the baldi, because you can not hide from the horror of his punishments. Try to remember everything about education and learning, this will help you solve all the mathematical tasks from notebooks. Features: - Different levels of education and learning on Baldi's basics. - Find all notebook with tasks. - Look for clues from Freddy. - Learn horror from five nights games. Freddy left clues, but maybe you can not find them in notebook. Go through all the education and training, otherwise you will have to learn Baldi's basics for five nights.