Bike Race Free - Top Motorcycle Racing Games Descriptions

I feel the need... the need for flips! Have you ever thought of performing a mid-air flipping bike stunt of your own? Welcome to the world of Bike Race. Feed your inner acrobat's desire to perform and do some mad skills on a dirt bike. You only have to finish the stages in once piece but of course you can't help but maneuvering your bike to perform those insane stunts and rollovers in every mid-air launch. Choose from Single and Multiplayer modes. Single Player takes you immediately onto the bike to try and hone those competitive skills. Across 12 race stages are to be gradually unlocked by accomplishing all the levels or tracks of a current location. Be wary because you will be ranked, from 1 to 3 stars. That's the biker way. Respect the score. Multiplayer will match you up with several online players ranging from amateurs to pros. Competing is not done in real time. You record a race and send it to your friends. They race your ghosts and send back another race. This can - and will - get seriously addictive so be wary once again! Tilt your device for wheelies, front and back flips. On-screen acceleration and brake buttons are there to your consideration and addiction.