Bounce'n Bang Physics Puzzle:Bounce off game! Descriptions

Switch on your brain with our new physics puzzle challenge! Shoot the cannonball and bounce it to destroy your enemy’s castles by following the physics law. Bounce n Bang Castle game is FREE to play & very addicting! It’s not a usual tap ball game; it’s one of the most addicting & challenging physics puzzle and physics challenge games you will ever play! Our projectile game is very fun for the brain and will challenge your logic and thinking skill. If you want to sharpen your brain and be smarter, try Bounce Off now! Bang N Bounce It is a very innovative and exciting twist to the shoot the balls bounce ball puzzle where you have to shoot balls and have them bouncing on the screen. Usually you have to shoot balls shoot bubbles and combine three of the same colors or you have to destroy bricks with the tap balls. Bounce n Bang is certainly more exciting because instead of the usual bonzi balls, you will have to shoot cannonballs! You have to adjust the angle of the cannon so the fireball will be bouncing with the right direction and the hard ball can reach its target. You can also use provided blocks to help the projectile bounce it off with the right angle, and then BOOM! ☠ The enemy’s castle is destroyed! Move on the next level and destroy more castles and collect coins with your carefully aimed fireball projectiles. ✪ STORY LINE ✪ Our awesome physics puzzle game has a very interesting story. It starts when the evil Zormen Kingdom has destroyed your village! You have to gather the remaining villagers and strike back by destroying their castles with limited projectiles fireballs cannonballs. Aim your cannon so your cannonball will bounce off to the right direction. Watch out! In later levels, you will meet with strong King Kong & fire breathing dragons that will challenge you and your ability to shoot the ball! If you accept our challenge, go ahead and learn about how to play and aim your cannon to shoot fireballs and projectiles. This is a hard ball game and it’s more fun that other similar tap ball games. ✪ HOW TO PLAY✪ 1. Aim your cannon to the right direction so the cannonball fireball will be bouncing to the right direction. 2. Place blockers to help you angle the fireball projectile. 3. Press the Red Button to shoot balls. 4. BOOM! The cannon will shoot balls and destroy the castle! 5. Watch out for evil King Kong & dragons on later levels. 6. Collect the Golden coin with star to get higher score. 7. You can replay each level for better scores. =================================================== OTHER FEATURES OF BOUNCE & BANG - FIRE BALL PUZZLE: =================================================== ✪ Fun addicting game that will switch on your brain. ✪ FREE game to play for the whole family ✪ Challenge your logic thinking skill ✪ Unique variation to the common balls shooter bounce ball puzzle. ✪ Engaging story line. ✪ Great graphic & game design ✪ Easy game control & smooth game play. ✪ More fun for the brain than other bounce ball games. So, if you want to play a puzzle ball game with exciting story line and thrilling challenges that is very fun for the brain, you don’t need to look any further. There are plenty of puzzle ball shooter games, but there is only one Bounce N Bang. --- We really hope that our game can switch on your brain and entertain you for hours! If you encounter any issue, don’t hesitate to email us so we can fix it soon. Enjoying our game? Please take a moment and leave us a rating & review!