Carly for Mercedes Descriptions

WELCOME TO CARLY FOR MERCEDES – THE MOST POWERFUL APP FOR MERCEDES NEW: INCLUDED IN THIS LITE VERSION ★★★ FREE FAULT REPORT AND ★★★ FREE USED CAR CHECK Get the most out of your Mercedes by keeping it healthy and connected. With more than 200-thousand happy customers from all over the world you can’t go wrong. Carly for Mercedes is the most powerful mobile solution for Mercedes starting from 2005. These are the functions (Full functionality with license inside the app): ★ DIAGNOSTICS: Perform a complete health-check of your car’s electronics ★ PARAMETERS: Analyze Mercedes engine gauges like a Pro ★ USED CAR CHECK: Avoid a bad buy! All these functions cost more than several hundreds of Euros normally. Carly for Mercedes offers manufacturer level quality, is extremely easy to use and costs a fraction. All functions are continually being enhanced and updated. Normal OBD Testers are limited to a very small number of control units (ECUs) and an even smaller number of fault codes. Carly reads practically all compatible ECUs. This is usually only possible with expensive expert hardware. ------------------------------- THE LITE VERSION: With this Lite Version of Carly for Mercedes you can test compatibility of your car for all functions that the Full Version offers. For testing with the lite version we recommend our hardware, since some functions depend on the right adapter. Save yourself time and money using the correct adapter right away. You can get the Full Version through a license inside the app. ------------------------------- THE RIGHT ADAPTER: To make it easy to connect to your Mercedes, we build our own adapters. They were specifically built for Carly Apps and a stable connection. The adapters come with this: ★ LIFETIME WARRANTY ★ PREMIUM CUSTOMER SUPPORT ★ PROMISE OF COMPATIBILITY Check out the adapters: MORE INFO ------------------------------- DO YOU NEED SUPPORT OR DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? Support: Current projects of Carly for Mercedes: ★ SUPPORTED MODELS ★ For models around 2004/2005 or earlier the ECUs may be not yet supported - please test with the free lite app before getting the full to make sure your car has the new ECUs. We are working on the older models as well, however, they can not yet be supported in the current version since they have a totally different communication. A Class - 169 AMG/GT Roadster - 199 AMG/GT Roadster - 197 A Class - 176 B Class - 245 B Class - 246 C Notchback/Van - 203 C Coupe/Convertible - 209 CLS Coupe - 219 C Notchback/Van - 204 CLS Coupe - 218 CLA Coupe - 117 C Notchback/Van - 205 E Notchback/Van - 211 E Notchback/Van - 212 E Notchback/Van - 213 E Coupe/Convertible - 207 G Hatchback/Convertible - 463 GLK Hatchback - X204 GLA Hatchback - X156 GLC Hatchback - 253 GLE Hatchback - C292 M Hatchback - 164 M Hatchback - 166 R Limousine - 251 Viano/Vito - 639 Sprinter - 906 S Class Coupe/Convertible - 215 SLK Roadster - 171 S Class Limousine - 221 SL Roadster - 230 S Class Coupe/Convertible - 216 SLK Roadster - 172 SL Roadster - 231 S Class Coupe/Convertible - 217 S Class Limousine - 222 AMG/GT Roadster - C190