Bucket List: The Grotta Palazzese, need I say more?

I am sure by now most of you have seen the famous picture of the Grotta Palazzese restaurant floating around Facebook with its ocean views, turquoise water, and dining area inside the caves. If not, let me remind you by … Continue reading

A ‘Trulli’ Adventurous Vacation In Alberobello, Italy

Ok, so it has taken me forever to get to writing this post! It’s not like I didn’t have the material, or the edited photos, but for some reason I have kept it on the back burner telling myself I … Continue reading

When in Rome…A Papal Blessing

So, here it is, we’ve finally made it to the last chapter and the most important day of the Rome trip. It’s been a long journey, hasn’t it folks? Thanks for riding it out with me. Let us resume… Wednesday … Continue reading

When in Rome…Part III

It’s a little after 10p.m. over here, the house is silent with the exception of the humming of the baby monitor, and the television lowered in the background. My husband is fast asleep next to me, and I am waiting … Continue reading

When in Rome…Part II

Alright, now that I have had a break from part one, and the baby is laying down for a morning nap (and I am enjoying a much-needed cup of coffee), let’s get back to business. As you recall, we spent … Continue reading