Eyes - The Horror Game Descriptions

You break into the mansion at night. It’s huge and built like a maze. You're trying to escape, but it's after you! The ghost seeks you. RUN!! Escape ghosts and endure evil jumpscares in this free yet . As you explore decaying rooms in search of riches, an eerie wail shudders through the dead air and fills your heart with horror. Lights flicker, books rattle on their shelves, and the TV bursts into static. → Multiple scary monsters to choose from – or create your own with custom visuals and audio → Multiple levels to unlock. More added all the time → Multiple gameplay modes to endure → Use mystical Eye runes to see through the monster’s twisted vision → Consult a hand-drawn map to plan your next move → Compete with fellow adventurers on the global leaderboards or play offline → The : tense gameplay, sudden jumpscares, and a chilling atmosphere