Frontline Terrorist Modern Combat Battle Shoot Descriptions

Frontline Terrorist Modern Combat Battle Shoot is an first person action game that provides you the best shooting experience. The game provides you many adventurous missions which makes you feel the real battlefield. As a commando you are accepting the challenging missions and terrorist's threats to the country. You are advised to kill as much terrorists as you can and win gold coins or cash to buy new modern and powerful equipments for your war. Powerful weapons can make you easily kill terrorists. So do not be afraid to launch an attack to destroy the brutal terrorists. You have received the many tasks as you are the best counter terrorist commando, so your action is full of adventure. This is the new era of war, enemies are fully equipped with powerful weapons. There are alot of shooting missions you have to clear to realease this country from these torrorists. Use your modern combat skills to prove them wrong. You the real counter terrorists hero and you have to prove it through your shooting skills in this modern combat fps game. Kill all the terrorists before they kill you. Alot of powerful equipments are there to help you out. Complete your missions, earn coins and purchase all of them to defeat all the terrorist in this counter terrorist modern combat fps game. Best of Luck.! Features: - Real battlefield environment - Action FPS game - Real shooting effects - All kinds of advanced and powerful Guns - Easy and intiutive controls - Real combat warzone - Amazing sound effects.