Fuel Flash Descriptions

Find the cheapest gas station in your area in a flash. This app shows the current fuel prices of more than 60.000 petrol stations in germany , austria, france, italy, portugal and spain. The fuel prices are provided by the authorities and are always up to date. In Germany, this is the market transparency office of the federal cartel authority Functions: ✔ Fuel prices in germany for diesel, premium and e10 (no LPG or CNG!) ✔ Fuel prices in austria for diesel, premium and CNG ✔ Fuel prices for france, spain, portugal and italy ✔ Search function: Current location or manual location ✔ Display result as list or map ✔ Opening Hours ✔ Price history as chart ✔ Mark your favorite gas stations ✔ Report incorrect information (e.g. incorrect petrol prices or addresses) Required Permissions: ● Location: Required for search. ● Get access to all networks/network connections: The gas station data is downloaded from the internet,so you need an active internet connection.