Gears logic puzzles Descriptions

Gears logic puzzles is a fun and addictive game. The aim of the game: is to make all red gear wheels spin. You have several ordinary gear wheels of different sizes. You can move them and connect them to each other. With their help you have to transfer the rotation from a green wheel to all other wheels. A smooth movement of your finger, no reference to the grid. You can move by millimeters, catching a rotation moment. Absolute freedom, a variety of options of puzzle solutions, Good training for your brain. Train your intelligence in an exceptional game. Features: More than 1000 levels. Simple rules, good gameplay. You will find addiction. You can create your own levels. Visual themes: wood, metal, ice and stone. Free play, play at any place at any time. Suitable for all ages. For adults and kids. Get extremely fun and entertaining mechanic(engineer) experience by gears. All puzzles open at once. Educational game. Physics Puzzle, Physics-based gaming. No wifi games, you can play offline. Have hint. Email help. Gears logic puzzles is a free relaxing puzzle game with nice graphics will be a lot of fun for children and adults. An application for the whole family.