General Knowledge Quiz Descriptions

Improve your General Knowledge and learn something after new each question through detailed background information! Ingenify (General Knowledge Quiz) is a Trivia Quiz for fans of sophisticated entertainment, who want to test and improve their General Education and their General Knowledge. The word is a neologism from the Latin word “Ingenium” and the suffix -ify. Ingenium means talent, character and genius. Maybe, this Trivia Quiz will not make you a genius, but it will improve your General Education and your General Knowledge significantly. Each round consists of 20 questions - there are no Jokers. The game does not stop after a wrong answer, so you get a chance to answer also the difficult questions every round. At the end of each round, your score is evaluated, but the real goal of this General Knowledge Quiz is to answer all questions correctly over time. The questions range from General Knowledge to the expert level. This Trivia Quiz is challenging from the start - the banal level was left out on purpose - contrary to other Trivia Quiz games which want to fill their questions count with this. And after you answered a question you not only get the correct answer - we have also background information and details for you. This will improve your General Knowledge and your General Education significantly over time. This is not just a Trivia Quiz, but also a learning game. And now have fun with a round of Ingenify (General Knowledge Quiz)! - A Trivia Quiz that will improve your General Educatiom and gives you plenty of interesting information and General Knowledge. Note: We are working on more questions and they will be released over time. You won’t lose your records, when updates are released.