Holy Quran with Tafsir Descriptions

Besm ALLAH AL-RAHMAN AL-RAHEEM The Holy Quran application is a reading and listening application for different Quran Reciters. Application Features: - You can choose between Quran tajweed or Quran tarteel - After downloading the audio files once you can enjoy recitation offline without the need to be connected to the internet - Search functionality - Bookmarking current reading location in the Holy Quran - Sharing Holy Quran Ayahs with others - Doaa Khatm Quran. - Contains a variety of Quran readers: maher moagely, el husary, el minshawy, sodes, mshari el afasy, el huzaify and more - You can choose the Tafsir for a single ayah or the full page. - You can listen to reciter gapless or ayah after ayah - You can choose between mushaf HQ pages or normal pages.