Kaspersky SafeKids: Parental Control & Family GPS Descriptions

With the purchase of the PREMIUM version, you will be able to get all service functionality, to use it across unlimited number of devices for each of your kid in the family. With screen time scheduling, GPS safe zones, notifications about suspicious activities and summaries of what children search, see & share… parents can stay connected with their kids and be sure they are in the safe place – with more just a parental control tool. FREE version: - Flexibly blocks access to inappropriate websites - Enables Internet Safe Search for search engines - Let’s you customize a list of blocked / allowed sites & apps - Allows you to give an access to blocked websites or apps after child's request - Flexibly blocks access to inappropriate apps - with app control - Includes age-appropriate access settings - Flexibly limits the use of devices - Provides recommendations from professional psychologist PREMIUM version: Our service allows parents to deliver protection to all children in their family… installing Kaspersky Safe Kids on an unlimited number of the devices children use. - Monitors & reports on your child’s web activity & device usage - via My Kaspersky account - Categorizes Internet search requests - for you to better understand what topics your kids are interested in - Shows your child’s location on a map - Helps you define & monitor Safe Areas - Sends you instant alerts if a child leaves the safe place, that you have defined - Sends notifications for diverse suspicious activities - Tells you if the number of friends changes - Monitors public posts It’s quick & easy for parents to install Kaspersky Safe Kids: • Open Google Play Store on your child’s Android device and – using the Search function – find Kaspersky Safe Kids. • Start the download and follow the easy instructions on the screen - to install the service in a kid’s mode. • You can install Kaspersky Safe Kids on your parental phones, tablets on Android OS and other mobile devices – so that you can remotely manage the protection rules for all children in the family & also get notifications about suspicious activities - with more just a parental control tool. • To manage the whole set of protection rules, please log in to the My Kaspersky portal via my.kaspersky.com/mykids – using the My Kaspersky login & password that you used during installation. When parents activate Kaspersky Safe Kids on children’s devices, they’ll get a good set of parental control tools, plus an opportunity to be aware of kid’s interests to support them and establish trustful relationships. This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This app uses the Device Administrator permission and Accessibility services.