Kids Games Free 3 years old Descriptions

Kids Games Free 3 years old is a memory game for children , is simple and fun, perfect for your children solve problems that will exercise your brain, imagination and creativity while they entertain and learn to read. ★★★★★ The school on your mobile! ★★★★★ Multilingual application, toddlers will learn the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese German, Arabic and Russian. NEW XYLOPHONE: Xylophone is a fun musical toy for kids. Use this instrument as an educational tool to learn or teach the basics of music. It's the musical instrument anyone can play! FINGER PAINT: It includes an electronic blackboard so that their children can draw and paint with paintbrush. Features: - Paint with different colors. - Emboss drawing . - Blur . - Eraser. It is an educational children app with 3 mini-games! Association games: in which images are to be associated with the following topics: - Letters of the alphabet (abc) with words. - Animals with its natural environment .The zoo at home. - Colors and paints with different objects. - Numbers (123 )with fruit . Learn mathematics. - Professions with tools. Visual Memory: Children must guess all pairs and beat your best score! Sports , Food, Fruit and Fantasy! 6 levels! Sounds: Listen … What sounds? Transport , animals and musical instruments! Choose correct drawing. And so up to 200 grand children's drawings that will delight children. These games for children helps children to develop skills and abilities of children and babies, such as motor skills, dexterity, creativity, spatial skills, language and self-esteem, among others. Stay tuned for updates in a few days introduce new features (sound and voice, slate coloring, drawing and painting., Memory games, levels of difficulty) and thematic (forms, human body, musical instruments, appliances, ...). For children daycare , preschool, kindergarten and primary. One of the best educational apps for children. It works perfectly in both tablet and mobile. Thanks and enjoy! Our Policy privacy: