Learn MS Excel Full Course in 15 Days Descriptions

MS Excel - Learn Full Course in 15 Days: This is the simple and minimal app designed for Learning and Developing skills in MS Excel. These days MS Excel is in demand for each and every data entry jobs. Microsoft Excel is a very versatile tool and can be used for almost anything that you can imagine: Agendas Budgets Calendars Cards Charts and Diagrams Financial Tools (Loan calculators etc.) Flyers Forms Inventories Invoices Lists and to-do checklists Planners Plans and proposals Reports Schedules Timesheets We combine a complete step by step guide to learn Microsoft Excel. From Formulas to Setting Margins From Setting Dependencies to Basic Operations in Excel MS Excel Full Course - Complete learning of Microsoft excel software. user friendly design and offline app. any user can access app from anywhere anytime without internet. This app also contains below points : Basic of excel Charts in excel conditional formulas in excel functions in excel processing in excel spreadsheet in excel advance excel ms excel learning learn excel Microsoft excel ms office excel excel learning easy to learn excel easy to use excel excel course free learning learning app learning from home excel from home Basic of MS Excel Charts in MS Excel formulas in MS Excel functions in MS Excel processing in MS Excel ** The App can be used to Learn Microsoft Excel Full Course to create: Reports, Budgets, Planners, Plans and proposals, Schedules, Timesheets, Accounting, Auditing or Financial Tasks, Calendars, Cards, Charts and Diagrams, Financial Tools (Loan calculators etc.), Flyers, Forms, Worksheet, Inventories, Invoices, Lists and to-do checklists, Agendas, etc ** The App contains terms such as: Excel Tutorial, Excel 2016 Tutorial, Basics of Excel - EASY Excel Tutorial, Learn Excel 2016, Free Excel Formulas, How to Learn Excel, LEARN Excel Campus, Learn Excel Online, Microsoft Office 365, Learn Excel Offline, excel online, excel formulas, microsoft excel keyboard shortcuts, microsoft excel free, microsoft excel download, excel for dummies, xlsx, csv, xls, excel macros,Salary Account,Business Account,Profit Loss Account,Accounting Terms,Tax Calculation,Sales Tax,Service Tax, VAT, Excise Tax, Excise Duty, FBT, GST,CST,Tally, Accounting Software,Goods and Service Tax, Value Added Tax, Central Service Tax, IGST, SGST, CGST, State GST, Central GST, Integrated GST, e-way bills, etc, how to use excel, excel viewer, microsoft word, microsoft powerpoint, lic india,income tax, esic, irda,sbi mutual fund, Government jobs,Keyword installs, how to use microsoft excel, excel courses, excel free download, excel sheet, adobe cs2, excel vba, excel for mac, macromedia, creative suite, visual basic excel, excel templates. More Content: - Align text to the top of the cell - Change the background color of a cell - Draw a border around a cell - Center text across multiple cells - Change the width of a column - Delete a column - Delete a hyperlink from a cell - Delete a row - Create a hyperlink to another cell - Display comment indicator next to cells with comments - Change the font in a cell - Change the font color in a cell - Change the font size in a cell - Format display of text in cell (ie: numbers, dates, etc) - Hide a column - Hide formulas from appearing in the edit bar - Hide a row - Hide a sheet - Insert a new column - Insert a new row - Merge cells - Wrap text in merged cells - Protect a cell - Rename a sheet - Rotate text in a cell - Change height of a row - Draw a line through a value in a cell (strikethrough) - Create a subscript value in a cell - Create a superscript value in a cell - Unhide a column - Unhide column A - Unhide all columns to the right - Unhide a row - Unhide row 1 - Unhide a sheet - Set up a cell to only allow (EXACTLY) 10 characters - Set up a cell to only allow up to a certain number of characters - Set up a cell to only allow positive numbers - Wrap text in a cell Download for Free & Start learning !!