METAL SLUG 3 Descriptions

Fight on the go in an addictive, arcade classic. Run, swim and fly and fight some deadly enemies along the way. The classic, shooting masterpiece Metal Slug 3 is here. And it's now ready to take on your Android device. From heavy weaponry like machine guns and grenades to almost every possible vehicle like helicopters, submarines and even animals, you'll encounter it all on the battlefield. It's crafted to perfection, compelling and absolutely crazy. With easy-to-use controls, this game also packs a lot of features besides non-stop action: Choose your mode: In addition to the classic 'Arcade Mode' there's now also a 'Mission Mode.' This wonderful feature allows you to select the stage you want to play. In other words, you can train yourself a lot more in your favourite stages or master the ones that are really tough. Command several Slug vehicles: The Slugs are back and are even more vibrant and colourful. It's bigger and better than ever as the Mariners, Drill Slugs and Elephant Slugs join the original Metal Slugs and Slugnoids. Take your pick and command them well to complete your mission successfully. Clear all routes via the branching map system: A branching map system lets you take a different route to the end. There's also a massive map with an endless gameplay. Intense cooperative gameplay: Want to play with your friends or use their help to clear a tough stage? No problem at all. Play with anyone you want simultaneously via the Bluetooth function. Want to join the action? Start downloading now.