MONOPOLY Descriptions

Get the most famous board game on your mobile device. Now you can get MONOPOLY on your phone, wherever you go without having to carry a big board game with you just in case you get bored and want to play it with your friends. Also, this app allows you to play even when you are alone, as you can play wherever you are, whenever you want. Start off on the GO space and keep playing until you’ve acquired several real estate buildings! You can take a ride on the Reading Railroad, buy the Boardwalk or go directly to jail. Also, you can buy and sell some of MONOPOLY’s most famous properties as well as trade them for another property. You can even see the game come to life thanks to its animated features and you won’t feel any difficulty playing it as its usability is very easy to understand. We know that playing with friends is always better, so invite them to the game and challenge them to see who gets the most properties and customise the game rules to your taste! MONOPOLY also lets you employ people to manage your properties, so if you own Marvin Gardens, Water Works or Park Place, you can have someone looking after them at all times. Buying hotels or building them is also very intuitive and simple to use. Experience the 3 different levels and have fun playing MONOPOLY with your friends!