NSS Descriptions

Live the real life of a young football star. "The best football game on mobile and tablets." - Eurogamer Ever imagined the life of a football hero? Now you can live it. Welcome to New Soccer Star - winner of the BAFTA awards and an immersive, addictive and incredibly thrilling role-playing game on mobile. With millions of downloads from around the world, thousands of reviews as well as the best gaming critics singing praises, New Star Soccer is 100% free and guaranteed to keep you hooked for hours. Live the life of a 16-year-old football star and its highs and lows. Improve your skills and deal with the high-pressure lifestyle. Manage your relationships as well as your coach's expectations while keeping your teammates happy. See if you can avoid spending your earnings at the casino or resist the temptations of bribes as you advance your career. There are many features that make New Soccer Star a stunning game: 100% free: Pay nothing to stay entertained for hours and days on end. Entertaining gameplay: Immerse yourself in an award-winning plot of twists and turns that mimics the real life of new soccer stars. Create your persona: Push your skills to the limit and work your way up the leagues and international glory. Enhance your career: Do what it takes to become the best player in the world - whether it is hiring agents or people to train you. Intuitive controls and intricate details: Enjoy simple finger-touch controls, clever details including shocks and surprises. A world of fun and excitement await you. Ready to experience it all? Download New Soccer Star now.