PlayWithClock Descriptions

It is an App of the clock that you can turn the clock hands, watch the time and listen to it. Use for kids to learn the time. The voice and display of time can be switched between Japanese and English. You can challenge the question of the time. 【Limited Time】 The tree has become a Christmas tree. You can move decorations! (When you want to reset decorations to the initial position, double tap a star on tree) New feature added: Question of time. You can use your voice which recorded with mic for the time. You can Record your voice on the "Voice Settings" page in the "How to useSettings" panel. Please turn on the "Use your voices" switch and use this feature. Even if you record your voices, Mr.Megani's voices never disappear. *Please allow using microphone permission to use this feature. *The quality of the recorded voice depends on the microphone performance and the recording environment. *Please note that deleting the application will also erase the recorded audio data. Main function: •You can turn all the clock hands. When the hands move, the time of background change. •By tapping on a crab to display and listen the time. •You can challenge the question of the time. •You can use your voice which recorded with mic for the time. •By tapping the national flag to switch the display and voice in Japanese English of time. •Auto repeat time speaking. •You can check like "What time is in 47min?", "What time is 53 minutes ago?". •You can change the clock size to small. It seems to be good for children's mathmatic ability by understanding the time with the analog clock.