Pocket Mortys Descriptions

Start playing one of the funniest and most exciting game out there! Pocket Mortys will keep you entertained for hours as you join Ricks in completing the crazy mission of training Morty. You will have lots of fun and will be playing for hours through out the different challenges the game as to offer. Discover all the features and get involved in this intensive mission! You will have more than 70 bizarre Mortys to find in order to train them, so get ready to test your recruitment skills and make sure you’re a good trainer! Among the different Mortys, you will have Moustache Morty, Wizard Morty and Cronenberg Morty just to name a few! With Pocket Mortys you have the opportunity to assemble the perfect team to tackle other rival Ricks by making your Mortys battle each other to see who has the best team out there! Your Mortys can be commanded, combined and levelled up so you can prove you are the best trainer on all space and time! Download Pocket Mortys now and start exploring all the features, created specially for your mobile device! There are tons of weird Mortys all inspired by the Rick and Morty show as well as some other characters you love such as Bird Person and Mr. Meeseeks. Be sure to craft the best items, explore side quests, win prizes at the space arcades Blips and Chitz and battle other players from all over the globe. Download the game now and start training!