Polyglot. Learn German Descriptions

Polyglot. Learn German is a mobile guide to German Grammar. The app "Polyglot. Learn German" in a simple form will help you to learn basic German grammar. The app contains the following lessons: 1. The Present Tense. Regular verbs 2. The Present Tense. Irregular verbs 3. The Future Tense. Pronouns in the Dative 4. Pronouns in the Accusative 5. Imperative mood 6. Articles and possessive pronouns 7. Possessive pronouns declension 8. Modal verbs 9. Verbs with prefixes 10. Das Perfekt 11. Reflexive verbs 12. Adjectives. Comparatives and superlatives 13. Prepositions of time and direction 14. Prepositions of place New lessons will be added soon. Features: ✔ Pronunciation of German words and phrases ✔ Voice input ✔ Different color themes ✔ You can turn off automatic results chekout ✔ You can turn off automatic transition to the next test How it works: The program shows you simple sentences in English in one of the three forms (affirmative, negative, interrogative). You have to translate the sentence into German using the words on the screen. If your answer is right, the program will encourage you. If you are wrong, the program will show you the right answer. While you are making the sentence, all the selected words are pronounced. Then the correct answer is read aloud. If you have chosen a wrong word by mistake, push the “Back” button to cancel your choice. For comments and suggestions, please, contact us!