Prince of Persia Classic Free Descriptions

Prince of Persia Classic for FREE. Try the original Prince of Persia Classic for FREE today! Relive this classic or play it for the first time, either way it’s always been your destiny! It is a time of darkness. While the Sultan is off fighting a foreign war, his Grand Vizier Jaffar has seized the reins of power. Throughout the land, the people suffer under the yoke of tyranny. All that remains is for Jaffar to seize the throne and seal his dominion. But even in these dark times, love still blooms. An adventurer from a foreign land, innocent of palace intrigues, won the heart of the Sultan's lovely young daughter and in so doing, unwittingly made a powerful enemy. You are that adventurer, cast in the deepest dungeon of the Palace, stripped bare of all that defined you. You are all that stands between Jaffar and the throne! Answer the call of destiny, Prince… save the Kingdom and save your Princess. Free Content - 200 Coins + Spend them wisely - 1st level unlocked + Indefinite play - 3 lives (Revive) + Instantly avoid certain death - In game store + To unlock all levels + To unlock all modes + To get more revives - Achievements - Share via + Facebook - Butterfly Toggle ON/OFF + Follow the butterfly for assistance through the level, or find the way for yourself. - In-game Level Map + Easy-to-reference map of your surroundings in the game.