Pro Feel Golf Descriptions

With PRO FEEL GOLF, everyone can experience real-world golf action with more realism and precision than ever before. PRO FEEL GOLF brings a fresh approach with unique and innovative controls that allow ease of use but with depth to grow your game. Become a golfing legend using intuitive one touch controls. PRO FEEL GOLF keeps your passion for golf alive… anywhere, anytime. This game offers a unique golfing experience on your iPhone or Tablet. Play alone or against your friends using seamlessly embedded social features. Hungry for competition? Invite players to one on one challenges and compete for Daily rewards in a world-wide championship. Find out who is the best golfer! REALISTIC ENVIRONMENT • Stunning graphics across multiple locations. • Wind, lie and strategy all create the experience of a real golf course. UNIQUE TOUCH CONTROLS • One finger and two simple actions to hit the ball. • One-hand controls provide convenient portrait gameplay view. A MULTITUDE OF GOLF COURSES TO DISCOVER • Complete hundreds of golf challenges. • Master every course and become a real golf champion. SHOW YOU ARE A PRO • Upgrade your golf equipment for more capabilities. • Use power-ups to give you that extra edge. COMPETE WITH THE BEST • Add friends and compete with them one on one. • Social progression feature tallies the score after every hole. PRO FEEL GOLF is the perfect round in your pocket! Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Or visit us on our website: