Real Steel World Robot Boxing Descriptions

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is an exciting and challenging game that offers you the possibility of playing in three different modes: Play Career, Multiplayer or Winner Takes All. You can also choose to battle using up to 57 different fighting robots, including fan favourites like Zeus, Atom, Noisy Boy and Twin Cities. Your aim is to win exciting challenges (that can then be showcased in the Trophy Room), and battle against the most incredible robot legends, capable of withstanding the most severe of damages! Upgrade your robot by participating in battles and help him become stronger, faster and meaner! You can also colour your robot in the Paint Shop so that he becomes unique. Play in real time against over 100 million WRB players in thrilling Global Multiplayer battles in order to become first in the leader board and claim the championship title of ultimate fighter! Real Steel World Robot Boxing is all about having fun while fighting in over 11 different huge arenas to win championship belts, collect trophies and knockout friends! What are you waiting for? Ready…Set…Fight!