Slingo 5 Card Poker Descriptions

It’s a 5 card poker game with a SLINGO twist! Slingo 5 Card Poker lets you create specific poker hands to beat the Daily Challenge while accruing points for winning hands. The trick is to think along three different axes: horizontal, vertical and diagonally. Think you can get a Four of a Kind? Three Straights? Five Flushes? Make the hands to beat the Daily Challenge and receive big rank points, coin jackpots, and unlock new challenges. A new line-up of game-changing power-ups occurs every day so the game is never the same! Features - Beat the Daily Challenge and unlock exclusive new challenges in the VIP high-stakes room. - 9 initial power ups keeps the action fast and furious. Jokers, Re-Deals and Multiplier cards all help you get top score. - Time Bonus rewards fast thinking! The faster you play, the more points you receive. - If you’re feeling lucky, you can wager your chips for another hand to pull those last few cards you need to turn a good game into a great one. - Winning games builds up your Luck tokens, which can then be used to buy power-ups or access special opportunities like a 7th deal. - Classic Slingo characters -- The Devil, Joker, Super Joker, and Cherub -- are in it to help you win. Keep an eye out for them, as they may have valuable tips, tricks, and hints to increase your poker prowess.