Sony | Configuration Extension Descriptions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sony | Configuration Extension is for Sony Xperia smartphones only and should only be installed and used in combination with an EMM which supports Android-Managed Configurations. This application is a plug-in which provides Sony configurations on top of Android Enterprise for Device Owner-managed devices. Sony | Configuration Extension extends the possibilities of Android Enterprise on Sony devices with enhanced management capabilities. Use it with your Android Enterprise powered EMM console to dynamically access the configuration possibilities of this app. This includes device restrictions like NFC, auto sync, Bluetooth profiles, setting APN configurations, request SD card encryption, etc. Also included are System UI enhancements, like hiding the status bar or the navigation bar for kiosk mode, turning mobile data on or off and more. Full list of supported features (In Device Owner mode): - APN (add new APN, modify APN that was added previously, remove APN that was added previously) - Enable Auto Boot - Disable Auto Sync - Disable Auto Sync in Roaming - App black-listing - App white-listing - Bluetooth profiles (A2DP, Handsfree, HID) - Location Always On - Mobile Data OnOff - Disable NFC - Disable OSV - Disable Reboot and Shutdown - Set roaming data limit - Disable Screen-Sleep - Request SD Card Encryption - Disable Settings - Disable System UI (status bar, back button, home button, overviewrecent button) - White-list Wi-Fi SSIDs This application uses analytics software to collect and aggregate statistics to help us improve this app and our services. None of this data can be used to identify you.