Super Mario Run Descriptions

It's part of nostalgia but different. Now play the new Super Mario Run in just one hand. Time your taps to perfection to help Mario pull off stylish jumps, mid-air spins and wall jumps to gather coins and achieve the goals. Download it for free and once you've purchased the game, you can play all three modes with no additional payments. You can also try out all modes before purchase too. World Tour mode: To rescue Princess Peach from Bower's clutches, run through caverns, castles and more while collecting coins and competing for the highest score among friends. You can try courses 1.1 to 1.4 for free. Toad Rally mode: Amidst the loud croaks of cheering toads, showcase Super Mario's stylish moves, compete against friends for the highest score and challenge people from across the world. Remember, the competition differs each time. Win and the toads will live in your kingdom and help it prosper. Kingdom Builder mode: Build your own unique kingdom by collecting as many toads and coins as you can. The more toads you collect, the more help you'll have to increase the buildings and decorations and the more your kingdom will grow. After purchasing all modes: Play all 24 courses across 6 worlds and take on bigger challenges and thrills. Get more characters like Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette in Kingdom Builder by building homes for them so they can join you on your adventures. Use their unique strengths in World Tour and Toad Rally. Enjoy additional courses in Toad Rally and get new coloured toads to come cheer for you. You'll even have different types of buildings and decorations like Rainbow Bridges to make your kingdom lively and bigger. Note: No Internet is needed to play this game. Data charges may apply. *May contain advertisements.