Sweet Selfie - Candy new name Descriptions

The sweet spot of selfie cameras. Love taking selfies? Well, you are in for a sweet treat! It is time to strike your best pose for Sweet Selfie Camera - the perfect camera for taking selfies! A great selfie depends on a few things. Make sure you've got perfect lighting and a great angle. More importantly, you need a phone with the right camera app. Thankfully, now you can look your best as this wonderful app takes beautiful selfies in seconds while giving you a choice of stunning filters. So whether you are on a holiday at a beach, a reunion with friends, or even just in your bathroom, you can rest assured, your photos are going to look fantastic. Free for a limited time only, it is time to grab the tons of amazing features that come with the Sweet Selfie camera: Smart auto beautify: Get the best-looking version of you with just one click. Awesome filters: Enjoy free filters to spruce up your selfies with character and personality. Blur, vignette and retro: Make your selfies look more glamourous. Easy to share: Share your selfies with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a flash. Specially Designed Camera and Editor: Tweak your photo the way you like. Real-time Filter effects: Add a fashion-halo or try a new look with these stunning effects. Emoji and Tag Stickers: Add more life and character to your selfies. Timer: Take your time to strike the perfect pose as you prepare for the perfect shot. Support Selfie Stick: Take better selfies with bigger angles, groups and landscapes. Mirror Photo Camera: Get the best-looking mirror effect in real-time. Like us? Follow us: Facebook: Facebook.com/SweetSelfie Instagram: @Sweetselfie_official Email: