Thinkware Dashcam Viewer Descriptions

This app is only compatible with Thinkware X350 / F750 / F770 / FA700 dash cams. * For F200 / FA200 / F800 / F800PRO / DVR-F800PRO / DVR-F200 dash cam users, please download the “THINKWARE CLOUD” app The Thinkware Dash Cam mobile viewer is your convenient mobile application with easy access to your Thinkware Dash Cam. Manage your dash cam via Wi-Fi, real-time view, and download or delete videos from your devices. FEATURES : * Compatible with smartphones that run Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich (API 15) or later. ▶ Control and manage Thinkware Dash Cam via Wi-Fi connection. ▶ Download recorded videos from dash Cam to your mobile devices. ▶ Allows you to delete video recordings. ▶ Adjust the dash cam settings (e.g. Sensitivity, LED, partition and Wi-Fi, and etc.). ▶ Watch real time video with live viewer when your mobile device is connected with Dash Cam. ▶ Dash cam videos can be played via streaming. ▶ Downloaded videos can be moved to photo Library. ▶ Please change the password after the initial connection. ▶ Thinkware Dashcam Mobile Viewer is designed for X350 / F750 / F770 / FA700. The functions and usability may differ according to each dash cam model. * Please contact if you encounter any problems with this app.