ToyoSys Scan Free (OBD2 & ELM327) Descriptions

The ToyoSys Scan is fast and easy help you determine: Check Engine Light, Clears Trouble Codes, Read Trouble Code OBD2 OEM Enhance module: Engine, ABS, SRS, TCM/ECT for Toyota/Lexus/Sicon Vehicle. ToyoSys Scan requires OBD2 Bluetooth adapter or WiFi OBD2 adapter to work. ★ OBD2 Adapter/ OBDII Dongle: WARNING! China clones ELM327 v2.1 is only work with OBD2. If you have this adapter, please don't rate this application! + Tested with OBDLink MX , ELM327 Clone Bluetooth V1.5, Vgate Bluetooth, ELM327 Wifi. + Hardware: OBDLink Farmily, KiWi Farmily, ELM327 Farmily (v1.5), Vgate Farmily, BAFX Bluetooth and other ELM327. + You can read OBD2 adapter reviews: ★ Key Features ToyoSys Scan Free Version: + Ads Network + OBD2: • Read and Erase: Store DTCs, Pending DTCs, Permanent DTCs and Freeze Frame DTCs •Vehicle Information: VIN number, CVN, IPT • Smog Test (I/M readiness test) • Mode $06 Test (On-board monitor test) • Mode $05 Test (O2 Sensor test) • Data Log/Live Data: full PIDs (support by your vehicle) + Engine Read and Erase: Engine Module and Engine/ECT Module + TCM Read and Erase: Transmission Control Module and Electronic Control Transmission (ECT) + ABS/VSC/TRC Read and Erase: Anti-lock braking system + SRS Read and Erase: Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Airbag + Build-in DTCs database with over 6500 trouble codes ★ Support: - Protocol: CAN UDS (ISO-14229), CAN (ISO-15765), VPW SAE-J1850, ISO 9141, KW2000 (ISO 14230) - Vehicle: Currently supports ToyotaVehicle, LexusVehicel, SiconVehicel models.