UGACHA! Descriptions

Collect! Mix! Upgrade! ; Random color cards Tribal war has started. U READY? Game Features ◆ MIX, MIX! : Get 6-star cards! ◆ RED + RED = RANDOM! ◆ What's your favorite UGA! I like KURIRI. ◆ Stuck? Use potion. ◆ Try “REBIRTH”, be stronger! ◆ Purchased totems in diamonds? Your power will DOUBLE UP! Supports ◇ Compete your friends. ◇ Stress free auto-combat! – Easy play ◇ No internet? – Don`t worry. Offline works. ◇ Contact us: '111percent' on Facebook or Youtube. This is a random card mixing strategy action game by 111% Low- manage- easy casual game! You can play UGA-CHA in your spare-time, or all day long :wink: You can play UGA-CHA on walk, subways, or in classes. Thanks for loving 111 percent. Enjoy the battle war!