Vehicle mileage GPS tracker Descriptions

Keep track of your vehicle journeys, mileage & expenses. All journey records are auto-synced to the cloud. An easy to use GPS tracking solution created for drivers and vehicle fleets. The mobile app is provided completely free of charge, the optional Premium Web-Cloud service is a paid service (all new users get a 30-day free trial). * Now tracking 170 000's of vehicles worldwide USE THIS APP AS: • GPS tracker: Track mileage, speed, driving route & time for payroll, reporting or tax deduction • Fuel logger: Track vehicle gas mileage or fuel economy, i.e. MPG, L/100km, KM/L, or KPG • Fleet management: To view your mobile teams or vehicle fleets on the map & track their movements • The app is also available on iOS, WP 8 and BlackBerry, so your multi-device teams are covered as well STANDARD FEATURES • AutoStart tracking when connected to Charger or BlueTooth device • Use the app to log trips & track mileage with or without GPS • Using GPS it automatically logs: miles, locations, speed, time, start/end address • Logs unlimited vehicle trips into an editable logbook • Stores the correct trip distance, start/end address & odometer • Trips can be tagged for any custom purpose (business, private ...) • Multiple vehicles are supported • Follow your trips on the map, know where you are at all times • See trip stats, mileage driven, average speed • App runs in the background so you can do other things • Export trip data in GPX, KML or CSV format • Home screen shortcuts: start trip, end trip PREMIUM FEATURES (paid service, 30-day free trial, no credit card needed) • All tracked trips are auto synced online (choose Wi-Fi, data plan) • Powerful trip tracking record with search, filter & management functions (add, edit, delete) • See your tracked trips and places visited displayed on interactive map • Keep others updated via location sharing (SMS, email, social media) • Define frequently visited places for automatic check in at the desired location • Generate professional mileage log and trip reports (word, excel, pdf) • Export GPS trip data in GPX, KML or CSV format MULTI-USER FEATURES • Link other users to your Admin account for real-time tracking • Centrally create & manage vehicles, tags, places for all users • See a user's real-time location, speed and update data on live map • Access and manage a user's trip records • Create other administrators, groups users • Run team reports Note: The Mobile App is not a trial version, it’s a FREE app. All the mobile app features are available forever with no costs or subscription upgrade required. But if you need the full support of syncing with our cloud-based version, we suggest you try our premium version. Keywords: GPS tracker, mileage tracker, GPS mileage tracker, work in field, tracking, vehicle fleet, mobile workforce, fuel tracker, expense tracker