Virtual Clarinet Descriptions

Virtual Clarinet is a great way to fight boredom. If you want to create your own melody, or play your favorite song - a virtual instrument is right for you. The application not only reflects in a perfect way the sounds of the original instrument but its main purpose is to make you feel like real musician/composer. It combines fun, learning, education and creativity. Play what you love wherever you are. Mary's lamb EDCDEEEDDDEGGEDCDEEEDCEDC Old MacDonald Had A Farm GGGDEEDBBAAG Pieski małe dwa GGGGEFEDEFF GGGGEFEDFF GGEGA C2AFDEEC1 GAC2AC2C2C2C2BG Beethoven - Ode to Joy EEFGGFEDCCDEEDD EEFGGFEDCCDEDCC DDECDEFEC DEFEDCDD EEFGGFEDCCDEDCC Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do EEG EEG EEGGFFED EEGEEG EEEGGFEDCE GGCBBAGEAC DDDCC (...) Always On My Mind DDEEFFG DDFFEEC GGAC FEDCFEDCDC GAC FEDCFEDCD DD EE FF G DDFF EEC If you want to share a melody with other users, send me an email. The sound quality may vary depending on the capabilities of the device.