Word Mine Descriptions

The Tap And Knock Off (TAKO) - Series 4 game is here. Introducing 'Word Mine', a set of brain teasers designed for all age groups. The goal of the game is to reveal the hidden answer by eliminating letter tiles from 2 to 3 words. As the levels progresses, the sequence of the knocked-off words should be rearranged to reveal the answer. How to play - Eliminate required number of letter tiles from a set of words to reveal the answer - Tap to eliminate a tile - Swipe to eliminate subsequent tiles - Use hints to lock the tiles that should not be eliminated - Drag and drop the knocked-off word to change its position to reveal the hidden answer Features - Simple and interesting games - 200+ Levels - Unlock Achievements as you progress Start playing this exciting FREE word puzzle game, all you need is a 'Tap'. More features and levels will be added in future updates. The TAKO games are created by Digio TwentyOne Communications, where your game is our work. Invite your friends and play TAKO games for endless fun. It is TAKOTIME! For more details please visit our website www.thetakogame.com